Branch 6000 is located at 630 Broadway, Amityville, New York on beautiful Long Island.  We have 125 postal installations within our boundaries, which spreads from Montauk in the east; to Great Neck and the Rockaways in the west for approximately ninety miles.  We cover three counties which consists of Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens and we represent offices in two Postal Districts; Long Island and Triboro.

         Branch 6000 was chartered on January 1, 1972.  At that time, the NALC National President was James Radamacher.  Branch 6000's first President was Arron Trachenberg, who served from 1972-1975.  He was succeeded by Robert Vincenzi, who served from 1975-1978.  Upon leaving office,Vincenzi became the National Business Agent, and then went on to be National Director of Health Benefits. 

         Our next President was Eugene Connelly.  He served from 1978-1990.  He was succeeded by Joseph LaPlaca, who served as president from 1990-1996.  After enjoying two years in retirement, Joseph LaPlaca was elected to the position of National Director of Retirees in 1998.  He served in this position until his retirement from National Office in 2002.  From 1996 to 2005 Branch 6000 was led by President Dominic A. Prestano.

         Since 2005, Branch 6000 has been under the leadership of Walter Barton.

         As with many Branches throughout the country, we believe that in unity there is strength.  Since receiving our charter in 1972, our Branch has grown to one of the largest Branches in the country boasting a membership of over 5400.  We have come a long way, picking up many talented people with every merger.  Among them, William Yates, who has also represented this branch in the past as National Business Agent.  Bill was then elected to serve the membership of this great union as the National Secretary-Treasurer.  Bill served in this position until his retirement in 2002.

         The Branch purchased their own office building in 1983.  We currently house our own Credit Union.  The full executive board has grown to consist of eight full-time officers, and ten junior officers. The officers that represent the membership of Branch 6000 are:  

President - Walter Barton
Executive Vice President - Richard McLehose
1st Vice President - Tom Siesto
Recording Secretary – Kathy Friedman
Financial Secretary - Carol Brown
Treasurer - Robert Cuccia
Area Rep – Nick D'Avanzo
Area Rep/O.W.C.P. Rep - Thomas Kelly
Director of City Delivery - Robert Graf
HBR/MBA/NSBA – James W. Yates
Editor - Vincent Calvanese
Safety Officer – Charles Smith
Sergeant At Arms/Trustee #1 - James Tuthill
Trustee #2 - Ron Raynor
Trustee #3 - James Jongebloed
Trustee #4 - Joseph Morelli
Trustee #5 - Mike Donohue
Director of Retirees - Dave Diamond

         Branch 6000 is affiliated with the New York State AFL-CIO, and the Long Island Federation of Labor where Walter Barton is currently Vice-President.

           There have been many accomplishments over the years, one of which is the infamous Hempstead case.  The Hempstead case helped Letter Carriers across the country who were subjected to the injustices of automation.  The case started with what we called at the time (1990) the Big Six.  They were Hempstead's four stations, Garden City, Westbury, Baldwin, Mineola, and Valley Stream.  Valley Stream, although not part of Branch 6000,  did win victory due to our efforts.  The case was finally Arbitrated at the National level where the grievance was sustained and letter carriers were paid in excess of $700,000 for the violation.

         The Hempstead case unified carriers not only within our Branch, but also throughout the country and the NALC.