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President’s Message:
To My Fellow Letter Carriers,
            The purpose and intent of this website will be to provide you and your families another resource for the dissemination of information.  It will attempt to keep you informed of your benefits, rights and any future changes that may affect them.
            Currently, the website is being updated and I encourage you to periodically “log on” to see the changes that are occurring.  Hopefully, new information and dates of events will be updated no later than every 30 days.
            Change is constant, expect more changes in the future.

Yours For the Union,

Walter Barton


July 2016 Update:

Summer Safety Update: Enjoy a happy, healthy, safe summer with help from these guidelines for dealing with sun exposure, on and off the job:

Earth Gauge - UV Safety

NIOSH - Sun Exposure

CDC - Sun Burn Prevention

EPA - Sunwise Protection

Follow the links below on your mobile device to install the Free OSHA Heat Safety App:



The Monthly Membership Meeting The next Monthly Membership meeting will be held at the Bayshore Knights of Columbus on Thursday, September 15th, at 7:30 PM. Click here for directions.

Visit the all new Letter Carrier Political Fund Lobby for up to date legislative information, LCPF and E-Activist Enrollment, and much more!

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